Aruba is a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, located 15 miles north of the Paraguaná peninsula of the Venezuelan state of Falcón. It belongs to what’s called the ABC islands of the Lesser Antilles. Aruba has a population of 110663 (2014). It’s some 75 square miles (193 km2) in area and measure about 5 miles (8 km) at it’s wides point and 19 miles (30 km) in lengt. The island is fairly dry with little of the lush tropical vegetation that is usual in the Caribean.

The beaches

The island of Aruba is also known for its beautiful beaches. In particular Palm Beach and Eagle Beach, internationally renowned for its beaches. The most beaches on Aruba consist of fine sand, somtimes mixed with some stones. Palm Beach is mostly very fine white sand, which alang with a beautiful blue sea directly evokes the holiday spirit that belongs to a tropical beach destination. This kind of beaches are on the south coast of Aruba. Along the rugged north coast of Aruba you will not find sandy beaches. The wind and waves here make for rocky coves )called bocas), caves and formerly the largest natural bridge in the world.